We provide Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting services for securities-related cases involving suitability claims, churning, excessive trading, breach of fiduciary duty, investment fraud and other cases related to stocks, equities, insurance, and investment portfolios. As Experts with over 25 years of securities and tax experience, both as attorneys and investment professionals, we have extensive backgrounds in account/investment analysis, portfolio management, and stock brokerage services. We represent both claimants and respondents in helping our clients reach favorable results in arbitration and court. 

​As Experts, we play a unique role in the arbitration and litigation process. A knowledgeable and persuasive Expert Witnesses can often make or break a case. As Experts, we provide opinions and assist the trier of fact in appreciating the significance of facts in evidence and drawing the “appropriate inferences” from them. The job of the Expert Witness is not simply to articulate the client’s position, but to assist the decision maker with the information about the specialized area — which is necessary so that an informed and appropriate decision can be made on the merits of the case.







  • Case Analysis, Review and Assessment

  • Profit and Loss Calculations

  • Cost/Equity Analysis

  • Chronological Transaction Analysis

  • Summary Account & Portfolio Risk Report

  • Transactional Cost Analysis

  • Breakeven Analysis

  • Damage Calculations Report

  • Number of Days Held/Turnover Analysis

  • Forensic Accounting Reports

  • Market Indices Comparisons

  • “Well-Managed” Loss Report

  • Expert Testimony at Trial

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